ABC Marfa Mono 8 styles
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While stylistically born in the hot metal typesetting period, Marfa was designed in a high-speed era of no time to lose. Initially, Marfa was a simply sturdy, utilitarian typeface of three modest weights known as Gothic No. 6, drawn by Fabian in homage to early American gothic typefaces. It made its first appearance in projects by early adopters like Other Means, Dan Solbach, and NODE Berlin. Marfa matured with the guiding hand of Seb McLauchlan, who collaborated with us to extend the font into a full family with corresponding Italics and a Mono counterpart. Seb also created small caps and old style figures for the set, to appease 19th century printers and designers.
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Fabian Harb , Seb McLauchlan
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