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The Adelle family continues its stylistic expansion with the release of Adelle Mono and Adelle Mono Flex by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Monospaced typefaces are the default choice for developers and programmers and are also an aesthetic choice for many designers and communicators. The Adelle Mono font family has two widths to serve both breeds and a variable font for the flexible spectrum in between. Monospaced typefaces are born of necessity rather than purely aesthetic values. Each glyph is constrained to a strict box, making the naturally smaller ones the same width as the naturally wider ones. While this serves the functional purpose of keeping text aligned in vertical and horizontal rows, it is completely unnatural in terms of readability. A monospaced ‘l, i’ are overblown compromises while ‘m, w’ become compressed mutations. The Adelle Mono family was therefore designed with both the developer and the aesthete in mind. Adelle Mono respects its necessary constraints while still being visually appealing and easily read. Activate it for use in Sublime, Swift, Terminal, or your IDE of choice and see how well it performs. Clarity will lead to less developer mistakes, and its aesthetic appeal will make your work enjoyable. Adelle Mono Flex is the proportional width version that works for any kind of normal text reading or a design intended to invoke “system or information aesthetics”. Opposite the demands of the monospace family, Flex is reader friendly and intended for branding, annual reports, paragraphs, UI, logos, posters, screens, tables, captions, and more. Employ the Mono version where monospace is needed and the Flex version where reading or coherence is priority. Adelle Mono’s experimental 20-style design explores the space between proportional and monospaced types. It boosts creativity and coherence by providing flexible options in the same family, including italics and the variable font format with an axis of weight and a spectrum axis between multi-width and monospaced characters. Combining Adelle Mono with either Adelle or Adelle Sans adds more layers and adaptability to your work.
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Designers Veronika Burian , José Scaglione
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