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Andrade New is a new take on a classic type family by DSType. This typeface was inspired in the typographic work of Manoel de Andrade de Figueiredo (b.1670-d.1735), Nova Escola para Aprender a Ler, Escrever e Contar, printed in 1722 at Offcina de Bernardo da Costa de Carvalho. This is one of the most important books, and almost forgotten, about Portuguese calligraphy, and the work of Andrade de Figueiredo is among the most amazing examples of calligraphy of the Eighteenth Century. His work inspired Ventura da Silva, a Portuguese calligrapher, who in 1803 published a book named Regras Methodicas, where he redesigns some of Figueiredo’s specimens. But Ventura’s purpose was to create a more elegant and readable typeface than Didot and Bodoni. This kind of typeface used to be called leitura and is a transition between the baroque and modern typography. Andrade is a brilliant text typeface and is available in Regular, Italic, Bold, Swashes and Script. Andrade is DSType’s tribute to Portuguese calligraphy and to the work of Manoel de Andrade de Figueiredo.
Foundry DSType
Designers Dino dos Santos
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