Azo Sans 2 12 styles
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Azo Sans 2 is a new and improved version of Azo Sans of 2013. Respecting the original concept of geometric construction with humanistic nuances, the general shapes have been improved, with slightly more geometric capitals, re-balanced counter-shapes, especially in heavier weights, and improved metrics across the full range of styles. Azo Sans 2 comes with new opentype features like old-style, tabular and fractional figures, a new lowercase l and more. More importantly, language support has been expanded with Cyrillic. Azo Sans 2 offers more versatility with the addition of two new width families, Azo Sans 2 Condensed and Azo Sans 2 Narrow, respectively a condensed family and an intermediate family between Normal and Condensed.
Foundry R-Typography
Designers Rui Abreu
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Participating Type Foundries