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The Latin version of Brando, designed by Mike Abbink, balances hard and soft characteristics giving the typeface a refined contemporary elegance. Brando Arabic, designed by Khajag Apelian and Wael Morcos, is an interpretation of these characteristics following the conventions of the Naskh script. The careful interaction of constructed and organic strokes gives it a modern appeal and sturdiness, visible in several letters, particularly in the Heh medial, the first stroke of the Hah (and all its derivatives) and the kaf. The slab serifs of Brando are mirrored by typographic detailing that occurs naturally in the Arabic script such as the tail of the Dal, the first stroke of the Hah, the Hamza and the first stroke of the Yeh. The inkiness in the slab serifs is downplayed to create an Arabic typeface that works with both Brando and Brando Sans. Similarly to the Latin, the contrast of thick and thin strokes increases gradually from the Hairline to the Black weight. Brando Arabic supports Arabic Persian and Urdu and includes a set of ligatures. The Brando family is available in eight weights making it ideal for display settings as well as the rigorous demands of body copy.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Mike Abbink , Wael Morcos , Khajag Apelian
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