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Brevier is a compact sans, ideal for setting long texts in small or very small type sizes: for packaging, instruction booklets, pharmaceutical information leaflets and anything else that has to be legible at very small sizes – even down to 3 points. Lean and rhythmical, designed ideally to be used at less than 8 points (Brevier was the old typefounders’ name for 8-point type), Brevier holds up well even under adverse printing conditions. The apparently geometric letterforms hide Renaissance characteristics, the x-height and apertures are very generous and the strokes slightly modulated. In order to offset ink spread – which is inevitable when printing very small sizes of type – all internal angles have deep ink traps and many junctures have been left open. These major optical adjustments become strong and original design features in larger sizes. Since 2009 Brevier has been used for several printed projects, notably for captions and credits in magazines – for instance, in TipoItalia3, published by Tipoteca in 2015.
Foundry CAST
Designers Riccardo Olocco
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