Cera Stencil 6 styles
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Cera Stencil has two goals: to elevate stencil typefaces beyond cargo and military clichés, and to provide serious simplicity in multiple languages. A key design feature in Cera Stencil is the elementary letter ‘r’. A homage to the alternate characters in Paul Renner’s Futura, the letter has been simplified to a stem and a dot. Asymmetric stencilling creates a dynamic tension that emphasises the handwritten origins of Cera Stencil’s three supported scripts. The results balance pure geometry and stencil details with striking graphic effect. L’art dû pochoir, baby! Cera Stencil is a steadfast companion for setting striking and decorative headlines in print, on screen and in multiple languages. Naturally perfect for stencil signage application, Cera Stencil can be a key player in contemporary art, modern freight, luxury good and food brands. Available in six weights, with useful dingbats and arrows. The extended, pan-European Cera Pro supports around 270 languages in the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts and was developed with native consultants. With over 980 glyphs per style, Cera cares about localised letterforms and has the OpenType features to match. The pan-European Cera Collection is driven by pure geometry including bestselling Cera Pro and its space-saving counterparts, the stencilled enhancement Cera Stencil, a truly hand-crafted display Cera Brush and soft, machine milling inspired Cera Round.
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Designers Jakob Runge
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