Eastman Compressed Alt 22 styles
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The Eastman typeface family was conceived as a geometric sans workhorse family developed for maximum versatility both in display and text use. While Eastman Compressed and Eastman Condensed behave as space-saving condensed families, Eastman Grotesque adapts the family design style to humanist proportions. All share a solid monolinear design and a tall x-height that makes body text set in Eastman extremely readable on paper and on the screen. Don’t want to lose too much time with the glyphs palette? Use the Eastman Alternate weights, thought for display use and presenting a selection of some of the more eye catching & unusual letter shapes available for the family.
Foundry Zetafonts
Designers Francesco Canovaro , Andrea Tartarelli , Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini
More Info zetafonts.com

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