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Ek Multi script is an ongoing project to develop a unified type family across all Indic scripts, without letting the visual features of one script dominate over others. The goal is to create a family in which different scripts follow a common visual grammar while retaining their own distinct identities. These qualities allow the fonts to be used individually, as a single script when required and also in combination with other scripts in a multi-lingual scenario. Mukta is a contemporary, humanist, monolinear typeface available in 7 weights. Modest and versatile, it can be used across media, content and point sizes. Being the libre licensed version of Ek Devanagari and Ek Latin, it has been designed to work harmoniously with other scripts in the Ek multi-script family. It is ideal for use where multi script branding and text settings are required.
Foundry Ek Type
Designers Taresh Vohra , Ek Type
More Info ektype.in

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