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Faunus, a Gold winning typeface in the Norwegian Visuelt awards 2013, is a close relative of the book typeface Satyr and a natural partner alongside it. Faunus is also drawn entirely without straight lines, contrasting convex with concave curves, sculpting letterforms instead of mimicking the traces from a physical tool. However, in spite of their shared DNA, Faunus’ outlines don’t follow Satyr’s faithfully, and sometimes not at all. They diverge in letter-shapes, proportions, detailing and weight. The differences are more than just optical optimisation – it was Sindre Bremnes’ wish to draw Faunus as an independent typeface, with its own micro-logic. In the past, different sizes of a typeface often showed distinct differences. William Caslon was a prominent exponent for this approach. Faunus is among the first purely digital typefaces to follow suit.
Designers Sindre Bremnes
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