Field Gothic 64 styles
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We never meant to design Field Gothic. All we wanted was a version of our Pressio family with conventional rounded counters, which we thought might sell a bit better to the corner-averse. How long could that take, a couple weeks? And then we realized that, without those squared-off counters, we could do extra-light and hairline weights. And then we began to wonder what wider styles might look like. And then the WIP began to remind us of things: Unimark subway signage, midcentury Geigy promotions, old Westinghouse lightbulb packs, our dad’s Columbia and Blue Note jazz albums, Letraset Compacta, the Schelter & Giesecke specimens we studied when we started getting serious about drawing type. And then we were off to the races. A year and a half later, Field Gothic has snowballed into an eight-weight, eight-width, possibly-too-personal journey through the history of American and European sanses that may or may not parallel our own journey from New York City to Dublin. Overall, the look is crisp and on the cool side, with slightly superelliptical curves. The lightest weights are almost monoline. Above that, arches and bowls have sharply contrasting junctures and a notably snug fit. At 64 styles, it will be the largest family we’ve ever designed, or ever want to design. We are very, very tired.
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Designers Max Phillips
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