Gliko Modern Condensed S 10 styles
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Gliko Modern's concept goes back and forth between the sturdy elegance of late 17 and 18 century dutch Old Style types, and the delicacy and extreme rationalisation of the Didot style that came after. Thus, Gliko Modern features high stroke contrast, thin unbracketed serifs mixed with wedge-shaped serifs, a large x-height and mixed stress. Although it draws on these two contiguous historical styles it avoids a prominent feature in both models: the ball terminals. Gliko Modern was designed to be practical and highly readable, but the family also features some slightly flamboyant display faces, with an extremely tall x-height, for expressive, tightly-set headlines. Now the versatility of the Gliko Modern family is further expanded with the new Narrow series.
Foundry R-Typography
Designers Rui Abreu , Catarina Vaz , Francisco Torres
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