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Influenced by the large spectrum of text based interfaces of our past, Glitched ignores many of the usual typographical style constraints to become a visual library of that period. At first glance it appears as a typical monospaced typeface with five weights and matching italics, however it goes far beyond that. A quick look at its extensive character set containing 2964 glyphs and opentype features should be enough to demonstrate this. We stared with something we called Variable Spacing. An opentype feature that allows adjacent characters to share space in order to increase legibility. This is achieved with the introduction of ½ and 1½ width characters, that can be combined to occupy one, two, and three spaces of the monospaced grid. The three settings available give you multiple output options, with or without alignment to the grid. Then we introduced all the other characters and features that make this visual library possible. A set of Bold Hatched Letters (reminiscent of the output from old green phosphor cathode ray tube displays), Box Drawing Tools, Block Elements and pixel inspired patterns to match, Basic Shapes, Arrows, Dingbats and many more. To complete this system, the majority of these glyphs is also available in low resolution (pixel inspired) versions.
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Designers Pedro Leal
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