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We always wanted to design a gothic typeface. Our most similar typefaces are Rude and Firme, but Rude has some very delicate curves specially visible in the vertical strokes and Firme introduces a type family with reasonably big ascenders and descenders. On the other hand Isento has a much more straightforward approach to the particular genre. Loosely inspired by Times Gothic, introduced in the American Type Founders Specimen Book and Catalogue from 1923, soon followed is very own path. Is our first typeface that clearly shows a distinct weight difference between the uppercase and the lowercase and the spacing is very open to provide a much more mechanical feeling. Isento and Isento Slab ranges from Thin to ExtraBold with perfectly matching italics. Immediately seemed very clear that a slab serif companion would follow the sans, therefore Isento Slab is the perfect companion to Isento, with very strong rectangular serifs, ideal to set short passages of text or to become the key actor in a big headline.
Foundry DSType
Designers Dino dos Santos
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