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Letters from Sweden
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Ivar began with the idea of creating a serif companion for Siri. During its development, it became apparent that typographic siblings don’t necessarily need to have a uniform design. After three years of drawing and perfecting the letterforms, the only shared characteristics that remain are the shapes of the terminals. Rather than being a revival, Ivar is strongly influenced by the grace and sturdy construction of Times. The typeface stands on the shoulders of giants: the design refers to the dependable text faces from the mid-1900s, which in turn were rooted in classic designs from the 16th and 17th century. Ivar Display Condensed is a condensed version of Ivar Display, available in 6 weights. It was first created for the redesign of Tidskriften Arkitektur by Malmsten Hellberg and now available for retail. The main Ivar family comes in three optical sizes. Each sub-family consists of four weights with matching italics, for a total of 24 fonts. The names of the optical sizes—Text, Headline, and Display—suggest how they should be applied, yet we encourage users to practice typography as they see fit. See also Ivar Nostalgi and Ivar Soft.
Foundry Letters from Sweden
Designers Göran Söderström
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