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Kazimir is a Modern serif style typeface with five weights, from light to bold, with matched italics. The face has slightly narrowed proportions, long extenders and dynamic strokes reminiscent of the rhythms of transitional serifs. Kazimir is a reworking of book typography of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and specifically of the typeface used in the book, History of Russian Literature, by P. N. Polevoy, published by A. F. Marks in 1900. Kazimir blends various features of pre-revolutionary Russian typography with contemporary ideas of fashion, form and harmony. It also contains two stylistic sets, one default and one alternate, called Regular and Irregular, respectively. The latter set offers characters in bizarre shapes that are difficult to imagine as a text face but that works well in large sizes. Released in early 2015, Kazimir was later extended with it’s text version Kazimir Text.
Foundry CSTM Fonts
Designers Ilya Ruderman , Yury Ostromentsky
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