Kefa III 8 styles
Black Foundry
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Kefa III is the third version of the Apple System font Kefa. The typeface design has been refined a little more and language support extended to match Black Foundry’s standard glyph set with Vietnamese support, more currencies, fractions and arrows, and case-sensitive punctuation (We have re-introduced the ‘infinite-f ligature’ too). Kefa III design is elegant and modern with slab-serif origin, sharp and curved. Its large x-height and relatively condensed letterforms makes it both highly legible and space-saving for dense text and immersive reading. A particular attention to details and curve shaping makes it an attractive option for setting display text and headlines too. The original design was mixing both Latin calligraphic tradition and Ethiopic heritage in a single design: it has been a cross-country typeface since the beginning of its conception, and still is. It is also tuned for screens, and its sturdinesss makes it a relevant choice for User Interface as well. It now comes in 4 weights only, for more simplicity, plus matching italics. The new Variable Font format for both Romans and Italics enables users to precisely define the weight they need.
Foundry Black Foundry
Designers Jérémie Hornus
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