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Years ago, Kristal started as a sketch for a logotype, giving way to ideas and energy that didn’t have a place in a just-finishing, long-term project with limited design freedom. Since then, Eyal Holtzman grew the design into a unique family of eight: three weights with striking, spirited italics and an all-caps inline titling style. An Ornaments font rounds out the extended character-set and language support of the text styles. As a versatile book face, Kristal provides a pleasant reading experience while giving the text a very special character and sparkle. The acute stroke endings in upper and lowercase letter – almost blade-like – enliven every paragraph. Headstrong and expressive, but still rooted in calligraphy and easy to combine with other typefaces and scripts. The OpenCaps display style evokes a timeless, festive look and applications such as monumental lettering, elegant card or cover designs. They add nuance and combine harmoniously with the rest of the family, or can be be used in their own right.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Eyal Holtzman
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