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Our latest release in quite a while went through many other names and incarnations—the first ones dating back to 2010—before settling on Marcin Antique. Inspired by late 19th-century French types produced by the Fonderie Gustave Mayeur in Paris, the sans serif family is a fresh interpretation of France’s long tradition of grotesque faces. Marcin Antique is available in eight weights from Thin to Super with matching italics. While the weights up to Heavy have normal proportions, Super is noticeably wider for increased impact. The italics are actually slanted romans; their slope is greater than usual, making them stand out in a text. They are drawn lighter than their roman counter parts to compensate for the increase in colour of the sloped forms. The OpenType fonts include Latin Extended character sets, all the different styles of numerals, and alternate glyphs that subtly alter the feel of the typeface. Stylistic Set 1 removes the tail from the a and turns the double-storey g into a single-storey design; Stylistic Set 2 straightens the leg of the Helvetica-like R into a Franklin Gothic-style variant; and Stylistic Set 3 moves the tail of the Q upwards to allow for tighter linespacing. In the italics, Stylistic Set 1 also turns the standard a into a single-storey form, making the slanted design look more like a ‘true’ italic.
Foundry Feliciano Type Foundry
Designers Mário Feliciano
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