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Monument Grotesk is a grotesque family collaboratively designed by Swiss duo Kasper-Florio and Dinamo. Monument Grotesk owes its point de départ to a few contours Kasper-Florio stumbled upon online in 2013 in Palmer and Rey’s New Specimen Book, 1884, on page 81. The find relied on a sturdy and compact skeleton, high vertical contrast and surprisingly sharp end strokes. The “o” “c” and “e”, with their squarish inner counters pressing against their outer parts, or the elongated “r”, gave reason for a couple of screenshots, and later, a digitisation. Over the course of 2018, Monument Grotesk got extended into a full family, which now comes in three weights – Regular, Medium and Bold, plus Italics – and two additional styles: Monument Grotesk Mono, and Monument Grotesk Semi-Mono Semi-Kerned. Monument Grotesk Mono doesn’t need many words. It is the monospaced companion of Monument Grotesk and serves everyone looking for a more technical and functional atmosphere. However Monument Grotesk Semi-Mono Semi-Kerned without a doubt calls for nothing less than an infographic! It sits right between Monument Grotesk Regular and Monument Grotesk Mono, borrowing from both worlds: half the kerning and proportions from one, and half the widths and proportions from the other. Early applications include Helmhaus Zurich (2014), Missue (2014), Solarnet (2015), Werkschau Thurgau (2016), Swiss Poster Festival Weltformat (2017) and PIN Systems (2018).
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Larissa Kasper Rosario Florio
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