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Rounded sanserif typefaces have so many great associations - warm, friendly, informal, human, even tasty! But in the heavier weights they become childish or even gross, making them difficult to implement as a flexible system for branding. Zen is possibly the only rounded typeface in which this problem has been solved. It can be safely specified in situations where not only good text weights are needed but also the punch of heavier weights is required for emphasis and attention. This has been achieved by Zen's chiseled counter-forms, which become increasingly clean-cut as the fonts get bolder. This maintains health and good taste throughout the weights. Combined with a sensuous and graceful italic Zen is an imaginative typeface capable of broad range of expression. As with all Newlyn typefaces, Zen includes our Accessibility Set – a unique feature for organizations wishing to enhance accessibility compliance.
Foundry newlyn
Designers Miles Newlyn , Elena Schneider
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