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Nouvelle Noire
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With NN Swinton, Marc Droz created a versatile typeface for those designers who’d like to add some magic to their designs. Swinton evolved from the Swiss grotesque typefaces originating from the 1960s with low stroke contrasts, which generally was associated with the rise of what is today known as the “Swiss Style” (International Style). Swinton has expressive details here and there and a charming and standardized overall spirit as found in American grotesques. To celebrate the unique combination of Swiss rigour and American megalomania, we created – with the help of ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion – a fictional story for Swinton. Within this narrative, Cram Zord designed Swinton to infuse everyday life with enchantment. Designers around the world used Swinton in their work because of its standardized look but found great joy in discovering unexpected extras. Immerse yourself into the Swinton World and experience the not-so-true story of this game-changing beauty.
Foundry Nouvelle Noire
Designers Marc Droz
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