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Panno Sign is a typeface optimized for signage and developed for the romanisation of street names in South Korea. Since these signs can contain up to three different notations for one name (in Korean, Chinese and Latin) one of the main challenges was saving space whilst maintaining optimal legibility. To achieve this, Panno has narrow proportions, a very large x-height, and especially open counters. The letterforms are simple and robust with only minimal stroke contrast. Panno brings optimal functionality with a bit of fresh, warm air onto signs where traditional wayfinding typefaces like DIN may feel too constructed or cold. Panno Sign is available in two variants — Normal and Rounded — each in two styles for negative and positive applications to achieve the same optical weight. Panno Sign comes with an extended Latin character-set and several OpenType features that give access to fractions, different styles of numerals, and stylistic alternates for ‘a’, ‘g’ and ‘&’. For other applications than signage there is also Panno Text.
Foundry Bold Monday
Designers Pieter van Rosmalen
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