ATF Poster Gothic Extra Condensed 5 styles
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ATF Poster Gothic is an expansion of a typeface designed in 1934 by Morris Fuller Benton for American Type Founders. The one-weight design was a slightly condensed display companion to Benton’s popular Bank Gothic® family. This new family of aggressively rectilinear headline types features 30 fonts, greatly expanding the design’s possibilities. The all-caps design sports square corners in the counters, creating tension between angular and curved details; this feature, and the generally rectangular shape of the whole alphabet, makes ATF Poster Gothic distinctive on the page or screen, while its relationship to Bank Gothic makes it somehow familiar. Certain weights also recall the style of lettering used on athletic team jerseys, television crime dramas, action and adventure movie titles, and engraved stationery. With three widths and five weights, ATF Poster Gothic is both distinctive and versatile. The complete family is also available in a “Round” version, with corners subtly rounded for a softer, more “printed” feel. [Designed by Morris Fuller Benton, American Type Founders, 1934, and reinterpreted by Mark van Bronkhorst, Luis Batlle, Igino Marini, and Ben Kiel, 2015.]
Foundry American Type Founders® Collection
Designers Morris Fuller Benton , Mark van Bronkhorst , Luis Batlle , Igino Marini , Ben Kiel
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