Prizma 12 styles
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Prizma combines sharp and rounded shapes in the form of a refined and elegant typographic game. It functionally meets the needs of the stencil font. At the same time, however, it remains sufficiently decorative to take an unusual form with many features we are not used to in this classification (various swashes and lowercase figures). Although it might feel as strictly geometrical from a greater distance, it has lightly rounded features and stroke ends. This playfulness stands out in the Bold and Black versions and especially within the numeral characters. Prizma is available in six styles (Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Black) plus their respective slanted versions. Stylistic sets have alternatives for a, g, C, G and &. Character sets include lowercase ligatures (fi, www and others), decorative elements and arrows.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Rostislav Vaněk
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