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Looking back to prehistory, we can be pretty sure that raptors were pretty fast species. The same can be said about this geometric sans-serif typeface. It was designed for a fresh and almost comfortable designing. It relies on history but includes many details that are behind fashion waves or movements. Closest probably to Futura, but with more open medium height. Raptor was named after certain ferocity in the spiked ends of characters (A, M, N, V, W) and some twisted details (R, K). But at the same time, it has a number of smooth geometric curves (t, j). It is a font intended for smart design work in branding or magazine headlines. It is not accelerated by fashion but includes historically proven foundations with timeless details. Now available in three styles: Light, Regular and Bold and their respective Slanted versions.
Foundry Superior Type
Designers Vojtěch Říha
More Info superiortype.com

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