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Resonay’s a vivacious layer font that takes classical lettering somewhere new. Combining elegant details from stone carving with the flow of calligraphy, a sharp attitude with exuberant bézier curves, Resonay is suitable for logotypes and refined display setting. Enriched with swashes, titling alternates and a broad range of decorative ligatures, Resonay brings expression and poetry to headlines. Attentive to setting titles in a classical fashion, Resonay has wide small caps and a set of nested capitals. For other typefaces, 200 lowercase ligatures may be enough, but with handsome initial and final swashes for its upper and lowercase letters, Resonay goes further. The uppercase italic is swashy by default. Resonay is a layer font. Start with Resonay Basic and overlay Resonay Cover to play with colour, opacity and gradients. Alternatively, for smaller sizes or a robust texture, Resonay Solid combines the two layers into one. As all three layers are perfectly synchronised, you can combine and recombine them to emphasise different facets of your text. A fully-featured display font, Resonay has all the OpenType features you need for ambitious typography. As well as a variety of figure styles, there are small caps and capitals-to-small-caps features. Like all TypeMates fonts, you can be certain that Resonay has a helpful set of symbols and broad Latin language support. With over 2,000 glyphs in each of its five weights — thin to black —and calligraphic italics, Resonay can create stunning lettering with ease.
Foundry TypeMates
Designers Andrej Dieneš
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