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Letters from Sweden
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The geometric sans serif is a highly successful typographic genre. The rhythm of repeating square, circular, and triangular shapes comforts us. Because the genre is so popular, it’s also very crowded. The abundance of existing geometric sans serif designs makes it difficult to bring something new to the table. Sometimes, it seems as if the same archetypes are being rehashed over and over again. However, a stylish, dependable geometric sans is an excellent thing to have in your typographic arsenal. Creating an original geometric design presented a fun challenge, as a certain familiarity in key letterforms is required. If their design looks too eccentric, the type family loses its primary purpose: reliability and versatility. We managed to find a fresh approach to Rund. It is built on sound traditional, friendly, and functional foundations, taking cues from eternal classics like Neuzeit Grotesk, Futura and Avenir, but with something special added to the mix for making it more unique and a worthy new entry in our type library. Rund’s curved strokes have subtly concave terminal shapes, as if they were cut off by a large circle. The concave stroke endings are similar to those found in the typeface Optima. They refer to forms created by the broad-nibbed pen and further emphasise the roundness of the typeface. These qualities become apparent in large sizes, adding warmth and personality. While barely noticeable in text sizes, the stroke endings’ particular shape makes the letters look sharper and crisper. Rund is a family of seven Text weights with italics plus a Display version in seven weights with exaggerated terminal shapes and tight spacing. If you don’t want to use our prebuilt selection of weights, there is also a Variable font available upon request.
Foundry Letters from Sweden
Designers Göran Söderström
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