Sapien 10 styles
Indian Type Foundry
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Sapien is a serif family for texts intended for immersive reading. It is great for things you want people to sink their teeth into. The font’s glyphs are a little wide, in terms of their proportion, and this makes them look robust. Sapien’s capital letters can all stand on their own, for instance – they do not look delicate, like a light breeze would blow them over. That visual stability helps Sapien hold up even under poor printing conditions. The letters’ counterforms are large and these features and more help Sapien look great on-screen, too. The italic ‘g’ has an iconic closed-bowl design. The italic ampersand also uses a different form than the upright fonts, which looks divine. Sapien’s default numerals are proportional lining figures; oldstyle figures are available via an OpenType alternate. There are 14 f-ligatures in each fonts’ OpenType features (liga and dlig), and Sapien includes a few more alternates as well. For instance, over the Stylistic Sets, users can reach an ‘M’ with straight sides, as well as an alternate ‘Q’ with a longer tail.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Noopur Choksi
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