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Snooze is a fun, three-weight font family that looks like the numbers from your alarm clock. That’s right, Snooze is an LED-style typeface! These gained popularity in the home on appliances decades ago, but have since been used all over our urban environment for displays inside buses, tram cars, trains, etc. While there are plenty of LED-style fonts available, Snooze is rather unique in that its design exists in multiple weights: Light, Regular, and Bold. But that isn’t its only variety on offer: each font includes a range of alternate numerals in a Stylistic Set. So there are two options for each of the ten digits! This will help you fine-tune whatever LED-style design you’re working on, whether it is a printed advertisement, or the timer inside a mobile app. Snooze is designed by Morgane Pambrun.
Foundry Indian Type Foundry
Designers Morgane Pambrun
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