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Letters from Sweden
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Swedish Gothic is hard to explain. Because Sweden doesn’t really have a typographic history of its own to lean on, we can mine any tradition, embrace any style, and make it our own. Swedish Gothic is the epitome of this investigative attitude: finding something new in the old. Or something old in the new. Its design was sparked by a persistent crush for Otl Aicher’s seminal typefaces. During its development, Swedish Gothic picked up cues from various other iconic European sans serifs and from American Gothics too, but it ultimately found its own voice. Stylistic Sets allow the user to toggle between the two flavours and have Swedish Gothic cross the Atlantic with a simple click. With its narrow letterforms, open apertures and large x-height, it is a space-saving sans that can handle adverse conditions. Swedish Gothic was first introduced in Malmsten Hellberg’s redesign of Tidskriften Arkitektur.
Foundry Letters from Sweden
Designers Göran Söderström
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