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The Telefon family is a geometric monolinear sans serif with a wide range of possible uses, a craftsman’s workhorse. Originally released in 2012, the award-winning typeface has now received a massive, much demanded update: Three new weights, including lighter ones, complete with striking italics to match, drastically increases its potential for editorial and commercial design companion. Telefon is an amalgamation of commercial lettering and machine-produced letterforms from a bygone era, a craftsman’s workhorse. Judging by its name alone, Telefon hails from the seven die cut capital letters that marked the side of architect Georg Fredrik Fastings eponymous red telephone booths in Norway. Though these letters sparked the idea, the Telefon typeface is so much more. Unlike most competitors – it doesn’t fall flat at text sizes. Telefon's proportions are friendly, the corners soft, and the two-storey ‘a’ and the rather loose spacing makes it useful for more than display typography. Selected by Fontshop as one of the best typefaces of 2012.
Designers Sindre Bremnes , Frode Bo Helland
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