Barnbrook Fonts London, England.
Barnbrook Fonts is the foundry of Jonathan Barnbrook and the Barnbrook studio. Barnbrook Fonts was established in 2018 as a progression from VirusFonts, the innovative and experimental type foundry that was formed in 1997. While VirusFonts’ output mirrored the complexity of language and the spirit of the age, Barnbrook Fonts reflects a change in focus towards highly-practical, comprehensive, well-furnished type families and to showcase the typographical output of Barnbrook Studio projects. It remains a source for the VirusFonts back catalogue. In addition to releasing typefaces, Barnbrook Fonts also designs bespoke lettering and fonts for Barnbrook and external clients.
Designers Jonathan Barnbrook, Julián Moncada, Marcus Leis Allion, Marwan Kaabour, Ryuhei Nakadai , Jonathan Abbott, Vinko Ožić-Pajić
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