Playtype Copenhagen, Denmark
We are a type foundry situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. For more than twenty years we have be crafting retail and custom-made typefaces for global brands and corporations. With the talents of typographer Jonas Hecksher leading the way, we are dedicated to creating fonts that have something to say. That can instantly capture a voice, a personality or perhaps change a perception. Above all we believe in usable typography, but with a beauty that balances aesthetics and function. From custom projects for specific brands, to designing typefaces for the foundry – every detail, of every character is sketched, re-sketched and drawn to perfection. Our extensive library of fonts are available to individuals, agencies and corporations from our online store. Our fonts are being brought to life in the form of playful products, that combine bold graphic designs with Playtype typography.
Designers Jonas Hecksher, Jens Kajus, Torsten Lindsø Andersen, Rasmus Michaëlis, Jess Andersen, Andreas Peitersen , Stefan Friedli, Loan Bottex, Jeppe Pendrup, Philipp Neumeyer, Paw Poulsen
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