Edie & Eddy superfamily
  This headline is set in Edie and Eddy Slab by TypeMates. Get it on Fontstand for only €5.00/month.

by TypeMates
This headline is set in Edie and Eddy Slab by TypeMates. Get it on Fontstand for only €5.00/month.

Edie & Eddy superfamily consists of three members sharing an identical Thin base weight but adding a very different voice as the weight increases into the Modern, Slab, and Text families.

Puebla–Tlaxcala Pazmanitenallee 1 technologickému struktureinheit

Filippo Gragnani Jardins Delapaz F/83 unprepossessing Puebla–Tlaxcala

traumáticamente Rancho Cucamonga veröffentlichung Johann Schobert

Puerta Lurdes Rea D-23 miraculeusement Alhaurin el Grande skeiðarársandur

Ronda Acevedo B-33 rannsóknarréttur intangiblemente Johann Mattheson

Edie and Eddy Modern

Modern has a crisp texture with a clear contrast between the thick and thin strokes of the letterforms. Straight, clean edges are combined with historically-informed softer shapes, true to the aesthetics of a modern typeface.

Hessisch Oldendorf 27 Parc Manon Touchard saltvandsområde feuerbestattung

veröffentlichung John Knowles Paine 74 Rue Saint-Bernard disarrangements

748 Sandra Coleman Drive No. 48 nepremišljenost vervielfältigen Johann Georg Lickl

technologickému Claude Terrasse 55 Cours de la Chaussée-d’Antin rationalisieren

Flörsheim am Main 42 Place de Provence nepremišljenost exhibitionistin

Edie and Eddy Slab

In the more experimental Slab Serif, all the daring characteristics of this superfamily are visible and its soft tone is expressed through curves and proportions. Bringing freshness and a little bit of controversy, unconventional contrasts connect the Slab to the Modern.

Pays de la Loire připomínajících Bernhard Romberg 8 Place Favre

montmorillonite Newcastle–Maitland saltvandsområde Albéric Magnard

Nizhny Novgorod rannsóknarréttur Giovanni Pacini Calleja de Maiol

připomínajících superinfections Francesco Gardi Warragul–Drouin

conjuntivamente Villar de Olmos připomínajících Tommaso Giordani

Edie and Eddy Text

A reliable text face, Edie & Eddy Text makes its points in longer text without losing character. It shines in well-structured articles, interesting books, articulate magazines, and anywhere an interested, sturdy companion is wanted.

Each of the three families is available in 8 weights plus matching italics.


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