Jantar Sharp & Jantar Flow
  This headline is set in Jantar Sharp by CAST. Get it on Fontstand for only €4.00/month.

This headline is set in Jantar Sharp by CAST. Get it on Fontstand for only €4.00/month.

Jantar Sharp and Jantar Flow are two perfectly paired font families, robust and organic at the same time. They are designed to work together as two individual yet complementing voices.

Jantar Sharp is a text family with flared terminals that eludes the catego­ries of serif or sans. Its most recognisable features are taken from both styles to achieve proper design and high legibility standards.

Jantar Flow is a humanist sanserif type family tailored for continuous reading for both printing and screen. With its large x-height and low contrast it also performs very well in captions, side notes, and short paragraphs set in small sizes. 

incapacitations Khartoum-Omdurman nepremišljenost Federico Chueca

rannsóknarréttur charlatanamente Elizabeth Anspach Khartoum-Omdurman

technologickému Karol Kurpiński Ackerstraße 74 identifizierbar

Pasquale Cafaro 51 Rue Dauphine thunderstriking Bingen am Rhein

Jantar Sharp

Puerta Lurdes Rea D-23 miraculeusement Alhaurin el Grande skeiðarársandur

379 Cooper Byway photoconducteur Tolbaños de Abajo berücksichtigen

připomínajících superinfections Francesco Gardi Warragul–Drouin

Joan Baptista Pla Tauberbischofsheim 692 Strong Cove Apt. 85 skeiðarársandur

Jantar Flow

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