Most of 2019

While the past months have already brought us several new releases we want to briefly look back on the previous year on Fontstand with a qualified list of notable additions:

Most Releases on Fontstand:
Arphic Types

The Taiwanese type foundry joined Fontstand in September and added 36 families at once, covering both Traditional and Simplified Chinese scripts as well as Japanese.

Runner-up: Alias (32)

Most Widths (Static Fonts):
Staff Series by Rui Abreu, R-Typography

Unparalleled four narrow widths (Condensed, X Condensed, XX Condensed, XXX Condensed) and two wide ones make Staff your choice for tough, dramatic typography.

Runner-up: Omnes Cyrillic (4), Alright (4)

Most Individual Strokes and Lines:
Rekall by Shiva Nallaperumal, Bold Monday

The vibrant Techno style breaks up letter shapes like aluminum shades, Laser and Infra play with verticals, Factory and Maschine with outlines, and everything else with the limits of legibility.

Runner-up: Tremolo

Most Italics and Most Dramatic Italics:
Ayer Series by Miguel Reyes, Commercial Type

Snappy and angular Ayer comes with a cursive italic, an extra sharp cursive italic, an extra angular sharp cursive italic and an extra cursive sharp cursive italic.

Runner-up: Akut (2)

Most Back-slanting Italics:
Sportivo by Matteo Bologna, Mucca

The dynamic set of Reverse, Semi-Reverse, Idling (upright), Semiforward and Forward leaning styles shout “retro jersey” and Formula One (or cart) like no other.

Runner-up: Ano

Most Weights (Static Fonts):
Nitti Grotesk Condensed by Pieter van Rosmalen, Bold Monday

Twelve closely graded weights to fine-tune stroke thickness on small screens, as well as huge or fat type for display.

Runner-up: Passenger Sans (10)

Most Unconventional Proportions:
Ano by Gareth Hague, Alias

Geometric letterforms bend forwards and backwards or scale up to replace caps with huge lowercase letters, stretch into a square, or squeeze into a half-square width.

Runner-up: Mississippi Gradient

Most Script Coverage:
Ping by Peter Bilak and Daniel Grumer, Typotheque
(Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Armenian)

Ping speaks a whopping 203 languages with a restrained set of shapes and “pen-strokes”. Also a contender for best i-dot of the year.

Runner-up: Favorit Pro (3 + 1)

Most Optical Sizes (Static Fonts):
Sole Serif (7) by Luciano Perondi, CAST

If you too get confused by the multitude of use cases for Caption, Text, Subhead, Headline, Display, Big Display and Hairline sizes, you too will be very happy about the variable variant of Sole Serif.

Runner-up: Zarid (3), Gliko (3)

Most Variable-Font Families on Fontstand:

Customize weight and optical size for Sole Serif, weight and width of Sole Sans or get crazy with Valnera’s Weight, Distortion and Rotation axes.

Runner-up: DJR (2)

Thinnest Type Family:
VOIR by Pompe Hedengren and Göran Söderström, Letters from Sweden

Seven fine weights from basically invisible to very thin, all-caps, geometrical shapes in extreme proportions — an art-director’s dream come to light.

Runner-up: Tabac Big

Boldest Font:
Okay by Jackson Cavanaugh, Okay Type

Very solid and available in three widths plus italics, it makes a good extra-fat companion to Alright. Also probably the longest-in-the-works release this year (2000–19)?

Runner-up: Valnera Monster

Most Sub-families:
Jornada by Dino dos Santos and Pedro Leal, DSType

The team of Jornada Sans, Jornada News, Jornada Slab, Jornada Symbols, Jornada Mono, Jornada Script, Jornada Libro, Jornada Chancery and Jornada Blackletter will support and sweeten every single of your workdays.

Runner-up: Favorit (5)

Most Ink Traps:
Whyte Inktrap by Johannes Breyer, Fabian Harb and Erkin Karamemet, Dinamo

When subtle optical adaptions turn into prominent design features you get ink-traps as extreme as the predetermined breaking points of your chocolate bar.

Runner-up: Mazagan

Roundest Series:
Gothiks Round by Daniel Sabino, Blackletra

A dramatic and delightful, mega-x-height series available in three condensed widths going from cream puff to puff pastry.

Runner-up: Aglet Sans

Most Unusual Sans:
Griff by Frode Helland, Indian Type Foundry

Slender, sharp forms that are dark outside but light at heart thanks to their unusual, internal stroke contrast.

Runner-up: Utile

Most Experimental Display Type:
Sväng by Claes Nordenstam, Letters from Sweden

Sväng cuts surprising stencil shapes into the round, simplified letterforms as if they sprung straight from a vintage record sleeve.

Runner-up: CSTM Xprmntl series

Most Unusual Serifs:
Laica by Alessio D’Ellena, Dinamo

The asymmetrical stroke contrast and angular serifs — constructionally reinforced through extra struts in Laica A — lend this typeface a special, unexpected grit.

Runner-up: Recita

Most Unusual Slab:
Chimera by Maria Doreuli, Contrast Foundry

A friendly, fat monster with very readable sibling styles for extra-energetic texture.

Runner-up: Valnera Random

Most Casual Script:
Akut (Script) by Pedro Leal, Dino de Santos, DSType

Sharp and dashing with a touch of retro shop sign, the script style is the luminary of the Akut family.

Runner-up: Prachar

Last Release of 2019:
Beletria and Beletrio by František Štorm, Storm Type Foundry

Two tamed and well-mannered text faces with kindred souls from the master of subtle and evident daringness.

Runner-up: Zichtbaar

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Not all of these typefaces were released to the market in 2019 but rather were added to the Fontstand catalog last year.

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