29LT Ada Round 6 styles
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29LT Ada is a contemporary type design project based on the Ruqʿah Arabic calligraphic style. It is a superfamily of Sharp, Flat, and Round typefaces, each in 6 weights, adding up to 18 styles. With all of its variants, Ada is the largest Ruqʿah-based type system to date. Challenging the boundaries of the style, it acts as a strong visual communication tool with different typographic voices. The three styles give vast typographic hierarchical options. It makes the Ruqʿah style a versatile design tool offering different typographic solutions and endless possibilities. While each style has its own skin, they all share the same essential inner skeleton. They can exist individually and combine perfectly when typeset together. All the fonts share an equal foundation and structure, but have distinctive aspects and features. It is a superfamily with three voices.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Pascal Zoghbi , Toshi Omagari
More Info 29lt.com

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