29LT Adir 8 styles
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29LT Adir is a modern condensed typeface drawn with low pen contrast. The balance between its geometric shapes and curvy counterforms conveys a robust and solid feel in the heavy weights and a sleek and elegant feel in the light weights. The Arabic letterforms were designed based on the Kufic style with a Naskh flavor to enhance elegance and legibility, while the Latin is a geometric Sans Serif type style. The 29LT Adir type-family with its 8 weights (Hairline, Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold, and Extra Bold) is suitable for corporate identities and editorial designs. It’s very appropriate for all digital and on screen applications due to its condensed width, its generous x-height, and its reduced descenders. With its open endings and large open body structure, 29LT Adir creates strong headlines and slogans and has the capacities to be perfectly legible in small sizes for body text in both languages. Both Arabic and Latin were created simultaneously and influenced each other while keeping characteristics of each script intact. Even though condensed isn’t an Arabic script trait, the influence of the Kufi geometric structure on its shape makes the condensed letterforms perfectly harmonious and easy to read. 29LT Adir equates to quality, efficiency, and dependability; and these are the design characteristics of the 29LT Adir type-family.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Naji El Mir , Adrien Midzic
More Info 29lt.com

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