29LT Azahar Display LC 10 styles
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29LT Azahar is a pleasant and reader-friendly typeface in the text style balanced with a sharp and graceful display version. Its name is rooted in the elegance and fragility of the orange tree blossom, also called Azahar in Spanish originally comes from the Arabic word الزَّهْرَة (az-zahra). Its mixed origin illustrates the fusion of different cultures and mirrors 29LT’s dedication to the creation of multi-script typefaces. The text family is a reinterpretation of medium-contrast transitional letterforms, as opposed to the tension of the high-contrast Didone style of its display counterpart. Likewise, the sharp and flared serifs of the latter add a modern twist that makes it optimal for daring headlines. Elegant and fragile in its lightest form and brave and appealing in the darkest one, it pleases the eyes of contemporary users. Unlike Azahar Display, Azahar Text serifs are wider and thicker, in harmony with their classical proportions and weight distribution. 29LT Azahar family is structured in two categories, text and display, both of which are available in five different weights: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black. Each Upright style is accompanied by its respective Italic, holding the same elegance and sobriety as the Roman, but with a gentle sense of speed and connection in the end strokes. Moreover, two variable axes allow extensive weight control and optical level, which is ideal for web design and other digital environments. Such variety gives the designer a wide range of typographic hierarchy solutions.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Jose Carratalá , Krista Radoeva
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