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29LT Okaso is a vibrant geometric typeface with distinctively brave letterforms. The outlines of its letters challenge traditional structures while preserving legibility. It incorporates a carefully studied balance between solid forms and dynamic contours that gives it a lively atmosphere within a corporate and serious oddity. The Arabic character set is inspired by a unique set of letters found in handwritten Aljamiado manuscripts. The Latin is drawn as a companion to it with alternating square and round letterforms to echo the active nature of the Arabic scripts and its lively flow. The basic Arabic character set is supplemented with hundreds of ligatures adding both legibility and a strong feel to the typeface, while the Latin is enhanced with smart contextual alternates and stylistic sets allowing selected letters to switch between short and long, or straight and round forms. The shift between short or long Latin letters honors the natural width change found in Arabic letters as well as the Kashida concept. The interplay of square and round Latin forms echoes the diverse straight and curved geometric Arabic letterforms that are inspired by the simplified handwritten Andalusian Kufic style found in the Aljamiado manuscripts. The low contrast geometric design approach, with short medial heights, long ascenders and descenders, and energetic letter structures brings the Arabic and Latin scripts together. Both scripts were created in synergy and were inspired by each other simultaneously.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Pascal Zoghbi , Linda Hintz , Adèle Gallé
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