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29LT Oskura is the second interpretation of the diverse handwritings found in the Aljamiado manuscripts and works as a fluid alternate to 29LT Okaso. Its humanistic design approach is built on the concept of the progressing pen. It is not rough and grungy as the writings in the manuscript are, but retains the flow of handwriting and presents the letterforms in clean outlines.  29LT Oskura exists as a typeface on its own and can act as a companion to 29LT Okaso. In the Latin, it can be used as an upright italic, especially when the stylistic set 3 is activated. In the Arabic, it can be used as the cursive or the freehand version of Okaso. A change of typographic voice can be achieved between the two, and interesting typographic combinations can be achieved. The typefaces share common parameters in many respects, such as vertical metrics, general glyph proportions or weight distribution across the 7 styles, making it easy to switch between one and the other within a project.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Pascal Zoghbi , Linda Hintz , Adèle Gallé
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