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Riwaya is a contemporary multi-script typeface family for continuous text. The balance between its delicate elegance and reliable stability and legibility make it particularly suited for long texts of literature and story-telling. The styles of Riwaya are ideal for conventional literary type setting and offer an additional, more innovative style for the differentiation of narrative levels. The typeface family covers both the Arabic and the Latin script and the regular style offers three weights – regular, medium and bold – as well as an informal style across both scripts. The different styles of Riwaya were designed with continuous reading in mind and create a similar colour on the page; their clearly distinguishable textures offer different tones for different voices in text without distracting the reader. In the production of Riwaya Arabic, special attention was paid to ligatures and contextual alternates (such as the shifting dots and elongated teeth features), and full vocalisation across all styles and weights in order to create a natural, pleasant and readable texture. For the Latin script, Riwaya additionally offers a range of characters to achieve typographic hierarchies. This includes small caps for the regular style, titling capitals, and italics. Riwaya Italic follows the conventional idea of an italic style based on calligraphy, while Riwaya Informal’s typographic interpretation of contemporary handwriting offers a more unusual approach. The two styles offer a different stylistic voice. Furthermore, all three styles offer a similar degree of differentiation from each other, while visually forming a consistent family.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Katharina Seidl
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