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29LT Zarid Display is the valiant version of 29LT Zarid Text. In the Arabic script, the neo-Naskh glyphs transform into amalgams inspired by both the Thuluth and the Naskh calligraphic styles. Thuluth is considered as the most elegant style in classical Arabic calligraphy that was crafted for important writings. Naskh is however known as the common style designed for standard copy text. The design decision adopted to blend these two realms together gives the typeface a unique characteristic and makes it offer a new Arabic typographic hierarchy option. In the equivalent Latin script, the letters gain vertical contrast inspired by the pointed-pen expansion principle, whilst keeping a hint of the broad-nibbed pen translation structures in the bowls and finials. This design choice gives Zarid Display Latin a unique appearance and preserves consistency with the rest of the type family as well as bridging the Latin and Arabic scripts together. Both type designers, Pascal Zoghbi (Arabic script) and Ramiro Espinoza (Latin script), jointly agreed on this concept of hybridization and applied it on the respective script. The design of the two distinct scripts agreeably coexists while each one of them retains its’ own structure and characteristics.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Pascal Zoghbi , Ramiro Espinoza
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