29LT Zarid Stencil 8 styles
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29LT Zarid Stencil typeface is the cut version of 29LT Zarid Sans. While Zarid Sans is the corporate, direct, and clean typeface, Zarid Stencil is its hip and revolutionary relative. A comprehensive understanding of the flow within the Arabic and Latin letters had to be undertaken prior to any application of stencil cuts. A research on stencil fonts materialized and distinctive stencil philosophies were realized on selected letters testing different routes. The sole application of straight horizontal and vertical cuts resulted in a rigid stencil feel and the integrity of the glyphs was compromised. Hence, a dynamic and flexible stencil system had to be applied that functions on both the Arabic and Latin glyphs and doesn’t alienate the one from the other. Since both scripts are humanistic in nature, the dynamic stencil approach made it possible to implement the cuts without interrupting the pen movement in the letterforms. Additionally, one of the main design characteristics in the Zarid typefaces, the broad pen angle, was maintained and transformed into one of the 5 different kinds of cuts.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Pascal Zoghbi , Jan Fromm
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