29LT Zarid Text 8 styles
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29LT Zarid Text type family consists of 8 styles: 4 Standard styles and 4 Slanted styles, covering the following weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold. The range of weights provide suitable typographic hierarchical solutions in bi-script Arabic and Latin layouts. Zarid Text is the lucid neo-calligraphic version of Zarid Serif after numerous design and technical modifications were executed on the latter. Improved legibility in small point size and habitual appearance are its key characteristics. Its purpose revolves around continuous reading and aims to be friendly to the reader’s eyes in conventional typesetting; hence making it ideal for diverse editorial typographic layouts such as newspapers, magazines, and books in digital and print applications.
Foundry 29Letters
Designers Pascal Zoghbi , Ramiro Espinoza , Jan Fromm
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Light Slanted
Medium Slanted
Bold Slanted

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