A. ABF Petit 1 style
Nouvelle Noire
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Philippe Apeloig designed the ‘ABF Petit’ typeface as part of the corporate identity for the ‘Association des Bibliothécaires de France’ (the French Librarians Association). The ABF family is composed of three distinct typefaces: ‘ABF Petit’, ‘ABF Silhouette’, and ‘ABF Linéaire’. The design of the typefaces evolved over time, adapting to changing themes. The theme on which the ‘ABF Petit’ font was derived (the first font of this typeface family to be created) was ‘Demain la bibliothèque’ (libraries of tomorrow). Utilizing the concept of an aerial view of a library floor plan, the letterforms suggest not only worktables, shelves, and chairs but the research tools of the digital age, monitors and tablets. The atmosphere of the library is conveyed using only a few shapes, primarily rectangles and rounded ovals.
Foundry Nouvelle Noire
Designers Philippe Apeloig , Nouvelle Noire
More Info nouvellenoire.ch

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