A. Ndebele 3 styles
Nouvelle Noire
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In 2010, the ‘Agence Française de Développement’ (AFD) commissioned Philippe Apeloig to design a new visual identity for its journal, ‘Afrique Contemporaine’. For this opportunity, he developed letterforms which became ultimately the typeface ‘Ndebele’. This font draws on the South African Ndebele tribe’s tradition of painting their houses with a vivid, graphic system of symbols. ‘Ndebele’ uses only geometric uppercase letters with rounded angles. The font consists of stylized letterforms that appear representational but verge on abstraction. ‘Ndebele’ employs a fine vertical break in the middle of each letter, which is progressively enlarged, in three stages.
Foundry Nouvelle Noire
Designers Philippe Apeloig , Nouvelle Noire
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