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Nouvelle Noire
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The ‘Poudre’ (in English powder) font was created by Apeloig for a poster advertising an exhibition on the prolific inventor/industrialist Alfred Nobel. Apeloig’s concept was inspired by Nobel’s invention of dynamite and work with subatomic particles. 
The Poudre letterforms themselves are composed of large out-of-focus dots in a grid. Like the powder, this typography spreads across the page. Within each word or character, the dots’ density can range from heavy, tightly packed dots to smaller, more widely spaced ones, creating an undulating movement across the page. This allows for the accentuation of a letter, a syllable or a word, as desired.
Foundry Nouvelle Noire
Designers Philippe Apeloig , Nouvelle Noire
More Info nouvellenoire.ch

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