ABC Arizona Flare 11 styles
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ABC Arizona is the first ever sans to serif “superfamily” that packages its five looks—Serif, Text, Mix, Flare, and Sans—into one single font file. In other words, it’s a slim, all-genres-in-one font happy-meal, versatile and adjustable for any context. ABC Arizona has five distinctive yet connected subfamilies: Serif, Text, Mix, Flare, and Sans. ABC Arizona Serif is a high contrast, pointy serif with a modern-meets-Renaissance freshness, and on the other side of the spectrum, ABC Arizona Sans is a straight-forward grotesque with a humanistic touch. In-between lie other species, such as the nearly-but-not sans ABC Arizona Flare. ABC Arizona Mix is chunkier and low-contrast, sitting exactly midway between the two extremes. Lastly ABC Arizona Text is a classic text serif typeface that’s well-suited for reading. Stretching from its headline to small text possibilities, an entire library can be typeset with just this one typeface.
Foundry Dinamo
Designers Elias Hanzer
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